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About Us

About Us

We are about delivering top quality, functional work apparel at fair prices and with great service.  Our focus is in developing apparel that helps you perform at your best where your work.  Whether you are prioritizing durability, comfort, mobility or other features we are ready to provide apparel that works where you work. 

For any customer that we’ve had the privilege to serve, you know that we care about your business. We know that your name and trust is at stake with every order you make. And we take that to heart.

Shirts That Work

We deliver uniform wear, purposefully built, with features that matter in the work place.  We have over 35 years of experience specializing in performance shirts that are equipped with a wide variety of functions including snag resistance, odor control, UV protection, moisture management, wrinkle resistance and stain release.  



Service With Heart

We believe in providing heartfelt care and meticulous attention to detail on every order.  Our customer care professionals have an average of over 15 years of experience in making sure that orders are delivered the way you want it and when you want it.   

“Tonix is amazing! They were able to provide garment options for a client of mine and even sent out samples not only to my customer but to my vendor as well to make sure that the jackets could be printed properly. They are very responsive and always seems to be one step ahead! Great folks to work with!” 

For our custom uniform programs, we provide personalized support that includes design consultation, multiple embellishment options, private labeling and packaging, inventory management, warehousing storage and multi-region distribution. 

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Multiple Logos

Each order assumes the same logo will be applied to each garment. If you have the same logo but would like it to be applied to different styles, please select the min qty of 15 units with the first style being ordered (even if you require less than 15 units). At check-out you can edit the qty of each style and be able to proceed as long as the total (combination of multiple styles) meets the 15 unit minimum for embroidery.

If you have multiple logos to be applied on the same garment, please contact customer service at to discuss addition of another logo to these same garments. Alternatively, if you have a different logo being applied to other garments, please simply restart the ordering process for the different logo. Each online order implies one logo only.

Sending Us Your Artwork

Once you submit your order, we will email instructions to submit your artwork. In addition, we will clarify any color adjustments and text additions (if applicable) to the top or bottom of your logo.

Embroidery Charge

Please note that the embroidery charge shown in the cart is an estimate based on a logo stitch count of roughly 7500 stitches. If the logo requires significantly more stitches, additional charges may apply and you will be contacted after your order has been submitted and reviewed.

Digitization Charge

Note that digitization charge is estimated at $30. Should the artwork require modifications and/or multiple rounds of edits that would require further digitization then this charge could change. Should there be any modifications to the charge, you will be contacted by customer service for this adjustment.