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High performance yarn. Quickly absorbs moisture and dries faster than ordinary polyester yarns thereby keeping the wearer comfortable and dry.
Durable ribbed clothing fabric of cotton, rayon or silk. Stitches usually have a honeycomb or diamond shape.

Bird's Eye
Knit pattern that is diamond shaped with dots in the center. Design suggests the eye of a bird.
Peach Finish
A soft feel that is added to the fabric.

Merchandise that is being sold below original wholesale cost. Can be overstock, shelf pull or discontinued merchandise.
Raglan Sleeves
Sleeves are all one piece from collar to cuff, allowing for additional and ease of movement.

A double row of stitching at the seam.

A stretchy fabric normally used for trim. This stitch is formed by two sets of needles at right angles to each other. The face of the fabric appears to be the same as the backside.
Extended Back Tail
A design feature found in upscale products where the back of the garment in longer than the front.
Rip Stop
A woven fabric specially constructed to prevent a tear in the fabric from spreading.

A decorative pattern of rows of slanted parallel lines alternating direction row by row.
Storm Flap
A strip of fabric covering the zipper or snap closure of the apparel.
Hi Cool
High performance polyester yarn with spandex blend. Offers rapid moisture absorption and evaporation in a stretchable fabric.
100% nylon fiber developed by DuPont. Fabrics made from Tactel are breathable, abrasion resistant, soft, lightweight and robust.
A fabric characterized by recessed squares, for a surface effect that resembles a waffle. Construction provides wearer more comfort and warmth.
A crisp, smooth, plain-woven fabric with a slight sheen made of various fibers such as silk, rayon or nylon.

A plain-stitched knit fabric that looks the same on both sides. Construction results in a fabric that is extremely soft, smooth and absorbent.
A fabric made of 100% nylon with a water-resistant coating that has been texturized to provide a soft feel like cotton.
A raised design or pattern woven into the fabric as opposed to being printed on the fabric. These designs are part of the fabric and will not wash away or rub off with wear.
High performance yarn. Quickly absorbs moisture and dries faster than ordinary polyester yarns thereby keeping the wearer comfortable and dry.
Jersey Knit
A single-knit, plain-stitched fabric with a face side that is markedly different from the back side. Construction results in a soft and easy to care for fabric.
Tricot Knit
A warp knit fabric in which the fabric is formed by interlooping adjacent parallel yarns. This knit fabric is characterized by exceptional quality, softness and versatility.
A process that eliminates all of the small "hairs" of yarn thereby adding to the fabrics shine, luster and strength.
100% nylon material, unique construction results in a soft fabric with a bright luster and and crinkled texture on the surface.
A woven, knit or knotted material of open texture with evenly spaced holes for better air circulation.
Two-ply yarn
Two strands of thread are used to form the yarn that is woven.

An ultra fine fiber available in acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon. When woven it produces an extremely soft, luxurious, wrinkle resistant and durable fabric.
Ability to resist penetration by water. Water beads up on surface while allowing perspiration to pass through.